TechLaw Consultants, Inc., is an employee-owned company based in Chantilly, VA, primarily doing business as TechLaw and TLI Solutions—two established environmental consulting firms with decades of performance and expertise. Formerly TechLaw Holdings, Inc., TechLaw Consultants, Inc. was created in 2020 to more closely align the operations of TechLaw, TLI Solutions and AlterEcho, a TechLaw division that specializes in private-sector environmental consulting. The company's roots trace back to 1983, when TechLaw, Inc., began operations as a government consultant to the US Environmental Protection Agency, and later other federal and state agencies. Today, TechLaw Consultants employs more than 200 people across 16 offices nationwide.

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TechLaw, the name of the founding company, began operations in 1983. Since that time, TechLaw has grown into a trusted provider of environmental management consulting services with 14 offices nationwide, holding more than $117 million in prime contracts across multiple support programs for the US Environmental Protection Agency, along with several other federal, state and local agencies. It is based in Chantilly, VA.

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TLI Solutions has more than 30 years of experience providing technical environmental support in the public and private sector, working primarily in the area of hazardous waste remediation and management related to munitions and ordnance disposal. The company has contract experience working for several federal agencies, including the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. It is based in Golden, CO.

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AlterEcho helps companies Do Well AND Do Good. Our attorneys, engineers, chemists, hydrogeologists and environmental scientists provide expertise in environmental remediation, allocation, regulatory compliance, PRP search, and consumer packaged goods safety and compliance.